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How Do You Evernote?

This post originally appeared on the Evernote blog.

How do you make your lists? How do you keep track of your ideas? How do you manage your family’s schedule? How do you tackle meeting minutes, team projects, business reports, and the onslaught of other work-related tasks on your to-do list? How do you stay organized, prioritize, make the most of your day, and make your tools work best for you?

An Evernote for everyone

Having been the go-to notes app since 2008, with over 230 million global users, we know there are seemingly endless ways to use Evernote. There’s such a wide spectrum of how folks manage their task list, format their notes, make use of the scan, sketch, and audio recording functionality, and organize their Home screen.

These small differences, the ways that each Evernote customer’s experience is customized and personalized to their own unique needs, is incredibly inspiring, especially to those of us who work at Evernote.

Showcasing the infinite possibilities of Evernote

We wanted to find a way to share all of your ideas, showcase and amplify the unique and fresh ways that you use “our” app, and teach others how to use Evernote in new or unconventional ways. We wanted to figure out how we can inspire others to create their own perfect Evernote, one that truly will help them accomplish everything they set out to do.

Finally, it clicked: you’re the ones who inspire us.

So it only follows that you should be the ones doing the sharing.

How Do You Evernote is a campaign that we created in service of one specific purpose: to connect, engage with, and showcase the Evernote community.

Using the #HowDoYouEvernote hashtag, we invite you to screenshot, record, write—whatever your medium of choice—and post about all the amazing ways you use Evernote.

Now, we know that’s a pretty broad ask, so we’ve come up with specific focus areas to explore. Each month, we’ll prompt you to focus on a particular feature or function of Evernote, providing you with social media posts, articles, templates, and Evernote Expert advice to help inspire you to share your own. We’ll be regularly rounding up and reposting your fabulous examples with the hopes that they ignite and invigorate even more Evernoters – current and future – to do the same.

How do you… make lists?

As our first focus area, we want to know all about your list-making skills.

Whether we’re talking about groceries, packing, or your daily tasks, lists are an unavoidable part of life. But they don’t have to be tedious or boring! Be part of the #HowDoYouEvernote movement by checking out resources we’ve collected from Evernote Experts, employees, and users across the world, highlighting how they tackle all things lists… then show off your own!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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